Crumplecorn's DesuSigs - ThreadAssign


From time to time the DesuSig Rotator will happen to randomly display a sig which perfectly fits the thread you see it in. Now it no longer has to be left to chance: ThreadAssign allows you to force any one of the DesuSigs to show up anywhere the DesuSig Rotator appears in a particular thread.

1. Enter a threadid or copy/page the page URL and choose a DesuSig in the form below
2. Hit Submit
3. Anywhere you see the DesuSig Rotator in that thread it will now be fixed at the DesuSig you selected

Results should be visible when you refresh the thread.
Every assignment to a particular thread overrides previous assignments to that thread.
Only people using the rotator will be affected - direct links to individual DesuSigs will be unaffected.
If someone is using a SigSelect rotator ID, they will only be affected if the DesuSig you chose is in their rotator.
Obviously this is designed for the EVE-O Fora, but it would probably work for any forum whose GET variable is exactly the same format.

Please leave any comments on the main sigs page.

Thread ID*:

Pick a DesuSig:

*you can paste either the threadid itself (e.g. 1111111) or entire URL of a page in the target thread (e.g.