Crumplecorn's DesuSigs - SigSelect


If you have a few favourites among the DesuSigs and would prefer a rotator which only rotates between those few, this feature allows you to do exactly that.

1. Select the DesuSigs you want in your custom rotator using the form below
2. Hit Submit
3. You will be given a modified link to the DesuSig Rotator which includes an ID.
4. Put this modified link in your signature to start using your very own DesuSig Rotator

You cannot edit rotators you can create; if you want to change it simply create a new one.
If someone assigns a particular sig to a particular thread with ThreadAssign, your rotator will only be affected if the assigned sig is in your rotator - so it will never display a sig you did not expressly allow.
Do not use this if you are only going to select a single DesuSig - simply linking directly to it is much more efficient.
Do not use this if you are going to select all the DesuSigs - simply use the main rotator instead.

Please leave any comments on the main sigs page.

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