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55 Active + 30 Retired = 85 sigs and counting

Using the Sigs

If you want to use one of these signatures (or the rotator) yourself either on the EVE-O Fora or any other site feel free, but I would appreciate the following:
1. Do not put the image(s) on another server, link to them on this website (Right Click -> Properties on the images below to get individual links)
2. Include the link to this page in your sig

The URL for the main rotator is
Append ?r=[RND] to the end of that URL if you are using it on the EVE-O Fora in order to make a different image show up in each post.

EVE-O Stuff:
Threads about my sigs so far: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 (links are not an excuse to necro old unlocked threads).
I appreciate all comments on my sigs, though I won't ususally respond on the Fora as that constitues spam and thread hijacking.
There is a link at the bottom of this page which lets you leave comments here instead if you want.


You can now assign specific sigs to show up in specific threads. Go here to do this.


If you prefer you can set the rotator in your signature to rotate between a subset of the sigs that you choose. Go here to do this.


Click here to see comments people have left on this page and leave one of your own.

Old Sigs

I occasionally remove siguatures from the rotator as they become irrelevant or I replace them or I realise they are crap. These ones can be found here.

About the sigs:
The characters in the sigs are from an anime called Rozen Maiden.

Note that the title is intentionally ironic, as my sigs usually contain Suisei Seki, but are actually 100% Desu-Free
These sigs have nothing to do with a certain well-known forced-meme

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